Accessibility Tools


The InclusiveHE project focuses on developing practices that support the inclusion of people with different abilities, diverse ethnic, cultural and migration background in higher education institutions.

Aim &


Raising awareness on HE inclusive policies and providing specific guidelines on developing inclusive practices.


  • Support higher education providers to design, implement, and monitor effective inclusive policies and practices.
  • Improve the supply of high quality inclusive higher education opportunities for all.
  • Develop and offer a systems approach toolkit for administrators and policymakers.
  • Develop and offer a training course for HEI staff.
  • Offer an online platform and MOOC with gamification characteristics.
  • Raise general awareness concerning inclusive practices that foster inclusion.


  • Toolkit for administrators and policy-makers at higher education institutions to support them in developing inclusive policies.
  • Development of blended training on inclusive practices in HE for learning designers and academics.
  • E-learning platform and MOOC.


The theoretical part provides participants with the state of-the art of inclusive approaches in HE, introduces them with the most common existing policies, practices, and strategies, and discusses about the existing inclusive methods and pedagogies (such as design thinking methodology). Participants are introduced to the stages of the design-thinking approach in order to apply this method in the design of their education programs. This methodology serves as a framework that helps individuals to define problems, collaborate with others, develop possible solutions, and refine them through various reiterations until a viable solution is generated.