Accessibility Tools

The Nordic Rebels is a Danish-Finnish movement aiming to transform learning in the context of higher education, among other things. Nordic Rebels utilizes design tools and methods in creating course spaces that both concretely and conceptually extend the Universal Design for Learning principles. The students are the point of departure and the instructors aim at creating good learning experiences for the diversity of students undertaking a course.


The process and activities of including students in the design of a course include:

  • Students are involved in the design of the course before it starts, which allows them to have an impact on the course structure, content, and activities. This is usually realized through a workshop.

  • During the course, student feedback is collected and reflections are made at the end of each week.  This makes it easier for the instructors to follow up and adapt the following week’s tasks and content to the diverse group of students. 

  • The flipped classroom model is also used, making the students more responsible for their own learning. It also promotes collaborative teaching and learning.


The instructors create course material in the form of accessible videos and digital content, according to principles of learner and user-centered design.