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The multiplier event in Latvia was organized together with the ATEE Annual conference 2022 (the Association of Teacher Educators in Europe). A parallel session was devoted to the dissemination of project results not only to participants from Latvia, but also participants from other European countries. We had some fruitful discussions with the conference participants, who were happy with the materials developed, but who also suggested further steps to be taken.

  • All project outputs were covered 
  • Participants discussed the situation of inclusive higher education not only in Latvia, but also in other project partner countries.
  • The leading organization was University of Latvia
  • Interested people from Latvia and members of ATEE participated in the session.
  • The multiplier event was held at the campus of the University of Latvia located in Riga, on the 30th of August 2022.

Among the participants there were 102 local participants from which 52 represented higher education (49 participants from University of Latvia and 3 from different other Universities) and 50 participants represented other levels of education. 55 participants were from other countries.

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