Accessibility Tools

The project’s results were presented at the ATEE 2022 Annual Conference: “To be, or not to be a great educator”, which was held on the 29th of August.


The project outcomes were presented in two parts: 1. Assessment and Solutions of Inclusiveness in Higher Education and 2. Online Courses on Inclusive Higher Education. 

At first, we covered the development process of the Toolkit and highlighted the good practices Database. The Inclusive Higher Education Database consists of 47 examples and information about inclusive policies and practices in higher education institutions in Europe. After the presentation, participants shared their thoughts. They were impressed that all the material is accessible online and some of them are translated into the partner languages. 

We continued with sharing the MOOC modules development. All participants were excited to try out the material, which they considered useful for their teaching. 

If you are interested to learn more about the conference itself, check out the link below: