Accessibility Tools

As soon as all project’s results were ready and before proudly presenting the work to relevant stakeholders, the University of Latvia asked 5 participants to give their honest anonymous feedback about the MOOC modules. 

The MOOC offers 6 interactive modules, covering diverse topics about inclusion. This is a self-paced study course that lasts approximately two weeks. To enter the platform, you have to register and your progress is saved. You can study the content at any time and place.


During the piloting phase, all participants admitted that the information of modules is well organized and structured, the language is clear, navigation is easy and visual aids are helpful for understanding the content. Participants emphasized that the covered topics are important and relevant, and their knowledge has been improved, after finishing the modules. It was pointed out that it is not clear, if the modules should be taught in linear order or not. Based on this feedback, the partnership improved some aspects of the platform. Some participants pointed out that the modules could be more complex. However, the partnership’s aim is to reach anyone, who is interested in inclusive practices. Keeping in mind different previous knowledge levels, partners have prepared further reading options for those who are interested to deepen their knowledge. 

Each participant highlighted different positive aspects, proving that the material is of high quality. You can click here and experience our MOOC!