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With a higher and higher number of migrants and refugees settling in Europe for better life conditions, social inclusion has nowadays become a priority for Europe. There is an imperative need to support their social integration in regards to rights, education, employment, language and civic participation. 

CARDET, one of the partner organizations of the InclusiveHE consortium, has been involved in the MOOCs4Inclusion study for the last two years. MOOCs4Inclusion is a study commissioned by the European Commission with the aim of supporting migrants and refugees. 

As part of the study, a catalogue of 87 free digital learning initiatives has been produced to develop the skills needed by migrants and refugees in EU countries, thereby improving their integration. The catalogue includes a wide range of resources (apps, online courses, electronic handbooks, online learning portals, simulation games, etc), classified according to their main purpose: higher education, primary/secondary education, social inclusion, language learning, employment, teacher training, infrastructure, support personnel. 

To navigate the full catalogue and find more EU initiatives related to inclusion, visit MOOCs4Inclusion website: