Accessibility Tools

As part of the InclusiveHE project, the team has developed an inclusiveness Checklist for higher education institutions. At first, the project team did a systematic literature review of peer-reviewed scientific studies from the years 2000 to 2021. This was the base for the whole Toolkit: Framework, Checklist, Canvas, SWOT analysis, Strategy Worksheet. 


How to use the Checklist:

This tool is developed to assess the current state of inclusive policies and practices at your higher education institution. The Checklist is divided into three core dimensions of the Inclusive Higher Education framework: policies, practices, and accessibility. When ready to assess institutions' inclusiveness, you can decide to analyze only one dimension or create a more holistic view. Based on the results, you can develop future steps on how to be more inclusive by using Canvas, Strategy worksheet and SWOT analysis. The whole Checklist can be downloaded, so you can easily access survey results. 


Although all project tools are focused on higher education institutions, core principles of inclusive education are similar at all education levels. Therefore, the checklist can be used also by schools and vocational trainers. The downloaded version is in word format to be easily adaptable to your needs. After completing the Checklist, the important thing is not to get overwhelmed and start planning further action step by step.