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This inclusion readiness assessment and reflection tool is built with the purpose to be used as a checklist for institutions in higher education. The aim is to encourage higher education institutions reflection on their policies and practices regarding diversity and inclusion and support them in fostering inclusion. The checklist is divided into three core dimensions of the Inclusive Higher Education framework: policies, practices, and accessibility. By “Policies” we consider a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by higher institutions. Each dimension consists of areas and standards which guide discussions and analysis of the inclusive profile of a higher education institution:

A. Policies: National level, Regional level, University level

B. Practices: Administration, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

C. Accessibility: Physical, Digital, Social, Attitudinal

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  • Either go through the whole checklist or focus on each dimension and area separately.
  • The checklist requires the participation of staff members from different departments and services for example, one person from the university leadership, two administrative staff and two teachers. It takes approximately an hour to answer it.
  • By ticking the box, you are indicating that this practice and/or policy exists in your institution, and it is applied to the fullest. If the practices and/or policies at your university are not well-applied, consider not ticking the box as there is still room for improvement.
  • Count the number of ticked boxes. A percentage of 0-50% indicates a high need for development; 50%-80% indicates that there are established policies and practices but there is still a need for further development; > 80% you are doing a great job in the field of inclusion, but the right still be room for improvement

Complete the checklist in 3 parts:

Accessibility checklist

Practices checklist

Policies checklist