Accessibility Tools


Inclusive policy guidelines

Create consistent guidelines on the identification and assessment of dyslexia.

Develop a strategy to increase inclusive higher education in the state.

Develop model inclusive programmes.

Gender inclusive forms.

Possibility to change the gender and name on adminstrative paperwork.

Develop and issue study skills booklets.

Develop a written policy on dyslexia for each institution.

Provide funding for available equipment, non-medical allowance, and for covering study support and a general allowance to students with special needs.

Exemption from paying tuition fees for minority students.

Establishment of a Disability Office staffed with professionals with special knowledge about disability

Establish a disability support centre

Provide assessments within the universities for students dyslexic.

Raise awareness of dyslexia among administrative and academic staff.

Inform students with dyslexia about their rights and responsibilities.

Support increased collaboration between state agencies in supporting marginalized students.